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    Phoca guestbook german download

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    Phoca guestbook german

    Phoca Guestbook is Joomla! CMS component. It displays guestbook form with Captcha (8 types of Captcha) and many other different internal or external spam. Phoca Guestbook file is stored on server (the download link is an external link to this server, if the file will be not downloaded, please try to visit. Download - download Phoca extensions - Phoca Download Component. Download. Details. German Informal (Deutsch).

    Download - download Phoca extensions - Phoca Guestbook Component. Download. Details. German (Deutsch) Informal. Phoca Guestbook - new version released. Phoca Guestbook version has been released. 3 and Phoca Guestbook demo site. Phoca Guestbook addon Migrator addons Migrate your Phoca Guestbooks.

    Phoca Guestbook is a Joomla! component. It is a guestbook with Anti-Spam protection which can be used as guestbook or contact form. Contact form is. Phoca Guestbook is a Joomla! component. . For example you may have the Chat feature on your website in English, German, Spanish and many others. Phoca Guestbook is being translated to 19 languages on Transifex. Sign up to help 3 strings to translate. German (Germany) % 49 strings to translate.