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    The Most Brilliant X Windows Display Solution for your LAN. X-Win32 was the first PC X server able to be installed on a USB drive, enabling users to gain access to their Linux and Unix servers from any Windows PC. X-Win32 makes it simple to make different types of X Windows. The leading PC X server for LAN use. X-Win32 RDP PC X Server Use X-Win32 to connect to Linux and legacy Solaris, HP/UX & AIX servers. Learn More >. Both X-Win32 and the X11 emulation component of Exceed make them best of breed PC X servers, offering a broad range of X server features and capabilities.

    In computing, X-Win32 is a proprietary implementation of the X Window System for Microsoft Windows, produced by StarNet Communications. It is based on. X-Win32 is a PC X Server for displaying remote Unix and Linux desktops and individual X applications. Using Putty and X-Win32 to run Unix/Linux Applications. First, download and install the X-Win32 software (you will need to login with your Kerberos.

    X-Win32 provides a secure remote login to USC UNIX hosts; it is an application that allows Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 systems. X-Win32 is a PC (Windows 7, 8, and 10) implementation of XWindows. When off campus, only the ssh method will connect to campus. X-Win32 is the supported X11 Server software for Windows. For questions or comments related to X-Win32 on centrally managed computers, please contact the. Download and Install the xwin32 to your computer from download/Xwinexe. We don't have the license version for the XWin. This Xwin.